Kircubbin Timebank Launch

timebank 20th August 2015

Kircubbin Community Centre

11am – 12pm

Free Finger Lunch Provided! See You There!

Timebanking encourages communities to work together.  It helps members to support each other by carrying out small reciprocal tasks.

We hope that our members will be able to share and exchange skills and experiences which will benefit the community.  If you can offer skills, especially any of those below please get in-touch.

  • Offer lifts or escort people to appointments
  • Shopping or simple errands
  • Decorating
  • Simple home repairs
  • Visiting older people at home
  • Gardening or housework
  • Alternative therapies
  • Simple car or cycle repair
  • Teaching or coaching
  • Social events
  • Outings or trips
  • sharing skills and knowledge across generations

Everyone has something to share!

Call 028 4273 9021 or click here for more information.