Peninsula Healthy Living always welcomes volunteers. If you have a few hours to spend and would like to do something rewarding within your own local community, please contact us. A range of volunteering opportunities is available within our own organisation, or we can signpost you to a partner agency.

There are at least 10 good reasons for volunteering!

Most new volunteers are motivated by one or more of the 10:-

1. Meet people & make new friends
2. Put spare time to good use
3. Gain new experiences or learn new skills
4. Do something enjoyable
5. Make use of existing skills
6. Build confidence & take on new responsibilities
7. Feel valued, appreciated and useful
8. Gain a sense of achievement
9. Put something back
10. Do something of special or personal interest

Don’t forget:
Volunteering can increase your skills and help you in your own life.

Could it make a difference to your CV? Some ideas how you can help us are:

adminoffice workingyoungelderly committeesubgroup cafe
Admin / Office Work Working with the youth or elderly Committees and Subgroups C@fe
CuanFMweb_Logo100 physicalactivity afterschoolclub fundraising
Cuan FM Physical Activity / Walking / Gym Work Afterschool Clubs Fundraising