SE Mind Matters

The Hub will provide support to individuals (young people and adults) families and carers who are experiencing mental health issues or living with a mental health condition.

The hub will provide a single point of contact for the following core services:

  • Quick Access Counselling Providing talking therapy support to people aged 11yrs+
  • Social Prescribing – Providing 1:1 support, connecting you to programmes and activities in your local community to meet your needs e.g. social clubs, youth clubs, physical activities, general wellbeing programmes and signposting to people aged 14yrs+
  • Therapeutic Interventions – Providing programmes and therapy supporting self-care and recovery e.g. play, music, animal and art therapy. Available to families and individuals aged 5yrs+.

N.B. We have currently reached capacity but our colleagues at Holywood Family Trust have availability and will see clients in our Kircubbin hub. Referrals can be made here.

This is a partnership of Peninsula Healthy Living Partnership, Resurgam Trust, Poleglass Community Association @Sally Gardens.

updated 8.8.23