Chronic Pain Management Course Date Announced

Online Chronic Pain Management Programme

Starts Wednesday 23rd September x 10 weeks, 11.30-1.30pm
Booking essential as only 8 places available.
Do you suffer from chronic pain and want to manage it better? Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working?
We won’t take your pain away but we’ll certainly help you manage it. We will have a range of speakers including a pharmacist, physiotherapist and fitness instructor.
To access the course you will need to download (it’s free). Once you have registered with Sarah [email protected] you will receive a recurring link to the meetings.
If you are not sure this is for you please feel free to contact Sarah and she can discuss in more detail with you.

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Programmes for pain, art and food…

We are excited to announce our latest programmes:

Arts and Crafts

Wednesdays 2-4pm
Thursdays 10-12pm (FULL)
Please contact Sarah Cairns on [email protected] or call 028 427 39021 to book

Pain Management

Start date – 19th September
Thursdays 10-12pm (12 week programme)
Please contact Sarah Huggett on [email protected] or call 028 427 39021 to book

Food Values/Cook it/Personal Development

Start date 30th September
Mondays 10-12pm
Please contact Sarah Huggett on [email protected] or call 028 427 39021 to book

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Health Promoting Homes Success

Our Health Promoting Homes programme combines personal development, healthy food choices and exercise to encourage and empower people to have a healthier lifestyle.

This years programme saw 15 ladies come through an amazing journey of confidence building, friendship making and up-skilling. As a result of the programme we have 5 people returning to education, a peer led social group and individuals offering their time on a voluntary basis.

The 12 week course tackled the issues highlighted through arts and crafts, group work, reflection and sharing experiences and skills.

The Peninsula has a range of barriers that can make healthier choices more difficult including poor transport links, expensive local shops and isolation; impacting on motivation and mood. Together we can, as a community tackle and overcome these issues.

Follow us on Facebook to find out when we are running the next programme, men and women welcome.

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